Spark plug tap set 5 pieces

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  • Spark plug tap set 5 pieces
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Spark plug tap set 5 pieces
Suitable for quick and effective repair of severely damaged spark plug hole screw thread in aluminum cylinder heads.
On a regular basis, the original thread of the spark plug hole is so badly damaged that only complete renewal is a good solution.
Force supplies time-saving and very practical screw thread repair tools.
Fast repair without dismantling the cylinder head. The spark plug hole threaded repair tool consists of a reamer tap and 4 number of inserts.
- Tap 70mm long
- Insert M14x1.25 length 9.5mm
- Insert M14x1.25 length 11.1mm
- Insert M14x1.25 length 12.7mm
- Insert M14x1.25 length 19mm


Item number: T2g-Force 64101-b150