Cutter head set mk / m DIN228, MK4/M16

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  • Cutter head set mk / m DIN228, MK4/M16
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Cutter head set mk / m DIN228, MK4/M16
Cutter head set with cutter capacity diameter 10 - 110 mm
Trump cards:
Robust unit with a large range
The use of a holder with a large contact surface which is fixedly mounted against the body makes the use of a separate side plate superfluous. The holder has thus become an integral part of the body
The adjustment screw is hardened and ground and provided with a direct-to-read scale in non-reflective satin gloss chrome, which guarantees easy reading and adjustment to 0.01 mm or less
All boring heads have threads for the attachment of a wide range of shafts
Suitable for:
Pre-boring with a large cutting depth as for precision work where a high sensitivity is required
Drilling and milling machines with MK / M DIN228 spindle
Type Without automatic power supply
Connection MK4/M16
Min. boring range mm 10
Max boring range mm 110
Tools 12
Diameter mm 50
Capacity mm 10-110
Weight kg 2.10

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