Wiellift capacity 60 kg

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  • Wiellift capacity 60 kg
  • Wiellift capacity 60 kg
  • Wiellift capacity 60 kg
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Wiellift capacity 60 kg
This fully automatic wheel lift combines speed and precision with the installation of heavy wheels through its innovative and mobile design. Specially developed for heavy wheels weighing 25 kg and more, it acts as a valuable support for mechanics when positioning wheels accurately. Suitable for passenger cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles.
Because the lifting column is placed out of the middle, the wheel bolts can be easily assembled and removed.
Very handy to maneuver through 4 robust plastic swivel castors with brake.
Because the forks are not placed in the middle of the system, this wheel lift can be used with every lift.
Bearing rollers to easily set the wheel in the correct position.
Injuries are avoided because you no longer need to lift heavy wheels during your work.
- Max. lift capacity: 60 kg
- Max. lifting height: 165 cm
- Max. diameter 24 ''
- Rechargeable battery 24 V
- Height: 168 cm
- Width: 91 cm
- Weight: 98 kg


Item number: T2g-WL 60