1800w hot-top infrared heater black 9818

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  • 1800w hot-top infrared heater black 9818
  • 1800w hot-top infrared heater black 9818
  • 1800w hot-top infrared heater black 9818
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1800w hot-top infrared heater black 9818
Infrared radiant heater without light HOT-TOP
Soft and pleasant warmth, without the annoying yellow light of classic infrared lamps.
Only heat, no disturbing light: ideal for offices, dining and waiting rooms, public areas, colour-sensitive workshops, showrooms, etc.
Both indoors and outdoors: IP65 water resistant
Even heat dispersion: ideal for prolonged heating
Black anodized aluminum, discreet design
No noise or odour nuisance
The high quality infrared lamps have an average service life of 5000 hours
Supplied with wall bracket
1 level of heat output (100%)
Advantages of infrared heating:
The targeted reflection of the heat means that less energy is wasted than with traditional heating appliances.
Infrared radiation heats people and objects directly, without affecting the surrounding atmosphere: a direct and powerful result, even in wind conditions.
These heaters do not produce exhaust fumes, which makes them particularly suitable for indoor working environments.
No need for ventilation
Provided for fixed installation, supplied without switch and plug.

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