Hose Clamp Pliers 155 mm

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  • Hose Clamp Pliers 155 mm
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Hose Clamp Pliers 155 mm
for straightforward clamping of flexible hose pipes
suitable for a hose diameter of 3 - 15 mm
adjustable locking ring with locking function
for complete stopping of the flow
the hose is squeezed against the stable surface over a wide area, thus avoiding damage to the hose
Ideal for maintenance work with petrol, oil, water and anti-freeze
protects against leakage of petrol, oil, water and antifreeze
ideally suited for cars, vans, MPVs, commercial vehicles, tractors, agricultural, construction and industrial uses
Temperature resistance of up to 160 °C
material: Special plastic
Gross weight 80 g
Packaging suitable for wall hanging Yes


Item number: T2g-B 1715